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When I asked Melissa over at Masterpiece Weddings to write a few things about KB for our new blog she jumped at the chance.  Here is what she had to say:

Melissa at one of her classes with KB's Kake and Truffles

Hi! My name is Melissa DiStefano, I am the owner and Lead Event Planner of MasterPiece Weddings, and event planning firm in Gainesville. And I love my job. I love to meet other wedding vendors who are passionate about working with brides and grooms to make their day perfect!   And one of those vendors is definitely Kathy, the Owner and Kake Designer, Lead Baker from KB Kakes.

KB with Kake

I can’t remember the exact time I actually met Kathy.   I think she introduced herself at a Bridal Show and we exchanged cards and pleasantries, but I can’t remember if I tasted her cake, or if we exchanged cards.   BUT, what I do remember was a few months later I had a bride that had hired Kathy, and I was so excited. This cake was going to be amazing!   Covered in imported Italian Chocolate and Organic Fruits and Flowers.   I was so excited about it.

Tuscan Chocolate Kake

Kathy and I had talked about this cake for months! And then as the months leading up to the wedding were upon us, everyone got busy.   And we didn’t talk as much.

I called Kathy 3 weeks before wedding to confirm her arrival time to the wedding and let her know what the delivery times for her to set up were. And she then informed me that another vendor had called her and told her she couldn’t make the wedding cake. There was now an exclusive baker for this facility, and she couldn’t make the cake. This information was FALSE! OH NO! What are we going to do, my bride and groom aren’t going to have a wedding cake!

But Kathy thanked me a bazillion times for calling her, and she assured me she could get it done, no problem! She had the imported chocolate overnighted to her and got to work!

The cake was amazing! Seriously incredible! And the best part, the bride and groom never knew that there was a problem. Kathy maintained her professionalism and got the job done with ease! (at least that’s how it seemed to me- I am sure she was running around like the crazy chef on the Muppets with a bag of flour behind the scenes)

The Crazy Muppet Chef

But that’s what we do as wedding professionals we run around with a bag of flour like a madman behind the scenes, and everything is perfect and amazing to everyone else.

Not only are her cakes beautiful, but they are delicious too. Seriously delicious.

I dare you to say otherwise.


Kristina and Darren's Wedding Kake (Planner-Masterpiece Weddings)

Melissa's Best Friend's Wedding Kake by KB's

Betty Cortina's Wedding Kake by KB's (Planner- Masterpiece Weddings)

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