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A Beautiful Texas Destination Wedding

Two years ago in November, Kathy went on her biggest kake adventure yet.  She created a beautiful wedding cake for Britni and Darren Rampton in Texas! This was Kathy's first destination wedding.

Why do a destination wedding you might ask.  Let's talk with Kathy and see what this experience was all about.

Why did you decide to do a destination wedding?

The reason I did it is because the bride is extremely close to me. We became close years ago. When she was 16 she came to Camp Kulaqua as a summer camp employee. There I became sort of like a second momma to her. Years later she married my very best friend's nephew. I was best friends with her in high school and in college she became my roommate.

What was the experience like?

I can go on for hours.  I was able to create a cake for a dear friend, go through unique experiences, and spend a long weekend with my best friend and granddaughter, Layla.

Roughly how many hours do you think you spent on all of the cakes?

The planning process began months before the actual wedding.  Layla and I were going to be bringing cakes and truffles made the day before we left on the plane, so the flights and layovers had to be carefully choreographed.  We packed the cakes to be hand carried on the plane meticulously, and I'm sure we were a sight rolling through the terminal.  As far as the actual cake decorating, I spent about 14 hours on Thursday and 13 hours on Friday in the kitchen and on Saturday we spent about 4 hours setting up.

What was your favorite part of the actual ceremony?

The ceremony was performed by the groom's father and he made a rope and spoke of tying the couple together and tying them to God.  It was just a beautiful message.

Would you do another destination wedding?

Absolutely!  It was such a unique experience and I was blessed to be a part of it.  One thing though is I would make sure I have a place to work.  I was able to use the hotel kitchen and the bride's parents went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. 

What challenges did you face?

It was extremely difficult to put together something of this magnitude in another state. The preparation process to me was the story. I didn't have a bakery, a kitchen. I had to figure out how on Earth I was going to figure everything out for the wedding. I didn't even know which grocery stores there were and what supplies to get. I didn't even have a vehicle because I had to fly over there!

Also, even after meticulous planning there were a few glitches - but that's to be expected with such a large production.  One such glitch was this beautiful commercial kitchen had no mixer - I had no idea what I was going to do!  Thankfully the father of the bride surprised me with a huge KitchenAid mixer (that doubled as a lovely present for his wife).

And meringue powder, who would have thought something so simple could have caused such a fuss!  Trying to find meringue powder in Dallas sent us on a wild goose chase, but thankfully Bronwen Weber from Frosted Art, a Dallas Bakery, was a huge help!  She gave us tips on how to travel with cake as well as opened up her bakery in Dallas to anything we needed.  It was such a great experience to get tips and tricks from this fabulous chef and even more amazing person.

Stay tuned for more on this destination wedding.


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