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Make Your Valentine's Day Even Sweeter with Truffles from KB Kakes

b2ap3_thumbnail_100_5985.JPG                     b2ap3_thumbnail_401477_230571597035933_1383462219_n.jpg

This Valentine's Day make your Sweetheart's day with a gift of KB Kakes' gourmet kake truffles along with KB's hand crafted chocolate truffles.  They make the perfect gift for your Valentine.  You can purchase KB Kakes' gourmet kake truffles exclusively at Dorn's Wine Warehouse next weekend or by placing an order directly through KB Kakes. These little bits of heaven will melt in your mouth.  So make sure to place your order early as orders are based on availability.  They sell fast!  Gift packaging is also available.  You can also message us through our FB Page.

So, this Valentine's Day make your Sweetheart's day a little sweeter with truffles from KB Kakes <3


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13 year Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

KB's granddaughter Layla recently turned 13 and had a glow in the dark party.  So, what kind of cake do you create for a girl that plays volleyball and loves makeup?  Check it out below:


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We Salute You on this Veteran's Day


On this Veteran's Day we at KB Kakes would like to take the time to honor All who have served to protect our freedom.  Those living and those no longer with us we thank you for your service and sacrifice.  God Bless America

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Gluten Free and Vegan


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KB Kakes and Dorns do it again :)

As you know KB Kakes has sold their famous gourmet kake truffles at Dorn's Wine Warehouse for the past five years.  Well, starting this weekend there will be a new yummy confectionery from KB Kakes at Dorn's. 

Everyone loves pairings so the great people at Dorn's have come up with the perfect pairing for this new treat, Bourbon and Buckeyes!


Without further ado this weekend you can purchase handcrafted Buckeyes straight out of the KB's Kitchen!!  Make sure you stop by Dorn's this weekend and ask about the pairing Dorn's has come up with and take some of these yummy sweet treats home with you.


Also, Fall is around the corner and with Fall comes...Pumpkin Spice kake truffles :)

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Introducing the new ONE OF A KIND KB Kake's Kake Pop Kit!!!

 Over 6 years ago KB created what has become an amazing, delicious, and famous kreation here in Gainesville.  KB Kakes' gourmet kake truffles have been called "little bites of heaven that melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more".  Some have said they are addicting and incredible!


KB's gourmet kake truffles are available to purchase at Dorn's Wine Warehouse; but now you can make them at home too! 

Through the years people have tried to recreate her famous recipe and failed.  :(  They have tried to make their own at home and wonder why they do not taste like KB's aka Kathy's.  While KB is not giving away her SECRET recipe, she has found a way to share it with you.  Everyone all over the US can now have KB's famous kake truffles in their home!  You ask how?!

KB Kakes has been working overtime for the past several months to perfect a product that will let you do just that.  Now you can make your own KB's kake pops at home, and the best part is they will taste like KB's because it is KB's recipe! :)  You do not need to bake anything, waste any time preparing everything, make a big mess, or even add any ingredients!  We have done all the work for you.  You simply roll your kake truffles, melt the chocolate then Dip, Decorate, and you are Done!  It is that easy!!


So, looking for something fun to do with the family?  Trying to find a way to get your kids to unplug and reconnect?  Have a party to go to and you are suppose to bring the dessert?  Or need an extra special gift for that someone?  Order one of KB's Kake Pop Kits today.  You can even have a kake pop making party!  With this Sweet DIY Party in a Box you have a delicious dessert in under an hour any time.  KB's Kake Pop Kits come frozen; you can store them until you need them!


So, What are you waiting for?  Head over to KB's new website, created by Blu Dove Designs, and order your first kit! Then start making memories to last a lifetime.


We are so excited to FINALLY share this wonderful new ONE OF A KIND product with you!!! 

You can customize your order by choosing different flavors, color schemes, and decorations.  KB Kakes can also do specialty orders; so no matter what kind of kake pop you need KB can help make it a reality.

Thank you so much to Lauren McKinsey for our fabulous fun new logo design! We love it!  It is perfect!! :)

We are looking forward to sharing KB's Kake Pop Kit all over the country!

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KB Kakes' Couple: Lauren and Danom, a Stunning Spring Wedding









Venue: Sweetwater Branch Inn


Photographer: Footstone Photography


Cake: KB Kakes


Florist: Pranges Florist

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Real Wedding: Gillian and Efrain get Married

Thank you to KB Kakes for making our dream wedding cake a reality!

Not only was the cake beautiful but it also tasted amazing!

I highly recommend KB Kakes! -Gillian & Efrain, 12/06/13 



Venue:  Sweetwater Branch Inn

Photographer: Footstone Photography

Cake: KB Kakes

Florist: Pranges Florist
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TOP SECRET..SHHHH KB Kakes is having a Pre-Launch at Taste of Gainesville this Sunday


We're baking up some exciting news- PRE-LAUNCH at Taste of Gainesville by HOME: Living in the Heart of Florida Magazine

KB Kakes' newest creation .... Only available at the silent auction.....for now , who's going to be the lucky winners?

Erika Signature_final

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Taste of Gainesville 2014

KB Kakes is honored to be a part of  Taste of Gainesville again this year.

[caption id="attachment_3961" align="aligncenter" width="800"]DawnMcKinstryPhotography_AnnualHOMEDinner-2 KB Kakes famous gourmet kake truffles and hand sculpted CAKES to look like the Magazines for Home and Business in the Heart of Florida created by KB

Images from Last Year's Taste of Gainesville

The 5th Annual Taste of Gainesville is this coming Sunday, it is an opportunity to raise money and awareness for Tyler's Hope for a Dystonia Cure, PACE Center for Girls Inc and Child Advocacy Center, Inc. Mark your calendars for the summer's biggest event...June 1st, 2014.

competitors judges

Come see us at the Hilton UF this coming Sunday in the "Swamp" and support a great cause for three wonderful charities.
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Freedom is not Free (Honor those today on this Memorial Day that sacrificed for our Freedom)



KB Kakes wants to ask you to take some time out this Memorial Day to honor those who have given their lives and those who continue to serve and protect our Freedom.  Thank You!!

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Speckled Trout Cake

[caption id="attachment_4124" align="aligncenter" width="576"]10254044_616648828428206_5788264439056744674_n Hand Sculpted Speckled Trout Cake

KB Kakes created this extra special birthday cake for one of our clients.  Kathy hand sculpted and hand painted this beauty.

Even the owner of the restaurant where the party was held thought it was a mounted fish that had fallen off the wall and told her staff it needed to get hung back on the wall. :)  See some of the process below:






025The entire cake is edible, even the fins!


If you are looking for that extra special cake that looks so real your friends won't know the difference then you want KB.  It is not just a cake it is a work of art all made by hand: Carved, Sculpted and Painted all by Kathy owner of KB Kakes. Our specialty is creating sweet memories.

Give us a call today to book a One of a Kind Cake for your next event @ 386-518-6878.

Serving Gainesville and the surrounding areas since 2002.

Erika Signature_final

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Ladies: Show The Man in Your Life How Much You Appreciate Him

Do you feel lucky to have the wonderful man in your life that you have? Does he stand by your side no matter what, show you care and support when ever you need it, and does he simply make you feel like everything will always be okay? Then ladies, please do not forget to show them how much you appreciate everything he does!

Is your guy a sports fanatic? Is his ideal day spent with you with matching painted faces watching his favorite team play? KB Kakes can kreate a kake that represents his inner sports fan and will end up being his favorite cake of all time!

Does your man have a drink of choice? KB Kakes can make him believe you found a life size version of his favorite beverage!

Does fishing come next in line, behind you of course, in things he absolutely loves? KB Kakes can kreate a replica of his favorite trophy fish!

Or maybe even your nickname is pookie or honey, not thats just because your man's car takes the name of baby. He will surely remember his kake and think of you every time he looks at his baby!

No matter what you're Romeo loves, whether it be a birthday cake, groom's cake or a just because cake, KB Kakes will definitely make one that shows how much you really love him.

Don't forget they love KB's gourmet kake truffles too ;) sold at Dorn's Wine Warehouse, at the Kakery, and by special order.


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A Beautiful Texas Destination Wedding

Two years ago in November, Kathy went on her biggest kake adventure yet.  She created a beautiful wedding cake for Britni and Darren Rampton in Texas! This was Kathy's first destination wedding.

Why do a destination wedding you might ask.  Let's talk with Kathy and see what this experience was all about.

Why did you decide to do a destination wedding?

The reason I did it is because the bride is extremely close to me. We became close years ago. When she was 16 she came to Camp Kulaqua as a summer camp employee. There I became sort of like a second momma to her. Years later she married my very best friend's nephew. I was best friends with her in high school and in college she became my roommate.

What was the experience like?

I can go on for hours.  I was able to create a cake for a dear friend, go through unique experiences, and spend a long weekend with my best friend and granddaughter, Layla.

Roughly how many hours do you think you spent on all of the cakes?

The planning process began months before the actual wedding.  Layla and I were going to be bringing cakes and truffles made the day before we left on the plane, so the flights and layovers had to be carefully choreographed.  We packed the cakes to be hand carried on the plane meticulously, and I'm sure we were a sight rolling through the terminal.  As far as the actual cake decorating, I spent about 14 hours on Thursday and 13 hours on Friday in the kitchen and on Saturday we spent about 4 hours setting up.

What was your favorite part of the actual ceremony?

The ceremony was performed by the groom's father and he made a rope and spoke of tying the couple together and tying them to God.  It was just a beautiful message.

Would you do another destination wedding?

Absolutely!  It was such a unique experience and I was blessed to be a part of it.  One thing though is I would make sure I have a place to work.  I was able to use the hotel kitchen and the bride's parents went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. 

What challenges did you face?

It was extremely difficult to put together something of this magnitude in another state. The preparation process to me was the story. I didn't have a bakery, a kitchen. I had to figure out how on Earth I was going to figure everything out for the wedding. I didn't even know which grocery stores there were and what supplies to get. I didn't even have a vehicle because I had to fly over there!

Also, even after meticulous planning there were a few glitches - but that's to be expected with such a large production.  One such glitch was this beautiful commercial kitchen had no mixer - I had no idea what I was going to do!  Thankfully the father of the bride surprised me with a huge KitchenAid mixer (that doubled as a lovely present for his wife).

And meringue powder, who would have thought something so simple could have caused such a fuss!  Trying to find meringue powder in Dallas sent us on a wild goose chase, but thankfully Bronwen Weber from Frosted Art, a Dallas Bakery, was a huge help!  She gave us tips on how to travel with cake as well as opened up her bakery in Dallas to anything we needed.  It was such a great experience to get tips and tricks from this fabulous chef and even more amazing person.

Stay tuned for more on this destination wedding.


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It's a Despicable Me 2 Minion Birthday Party!

KB Kakes had the pleasure of creating these sculpted minion cakes for Jorga's Birthday this past weekend.  Aren't they cute?

[caption id="attachment_4111" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Jorga Minion Bday Minion Sculpted cakes by KB Kakes

The party was held at Bouncin Big in Newberry.

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An Enchanted Forest Wedding

Picture from Chef Brothers Facebook Page

Picture from Pinterest

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and I can't think of a better time to have an Enchanted Forest themed wedding... This Summer KB Kakes had the privilege of working with an awesome bride, Kala, who is now a new addition to the KB Kakes family.  Kala had an Enchanted Forest themed wedding with a focus on soft pink and sage :)  How romantic and spellbinding!<3

Kala had our gourmet kake truffle wedding cake beautifully displayed on our 3-tiered crystal stand with fresh flowers and butterflies, all matching her pink and sage color scheme.  The sweet and deliciously, mesmerizing kake truffles were the perfect complement to her whimsical and charming wedding.

This KB Kakes' gourmet kake truffle wedding cake was decorated with an oasis of lush greenery, fresh pink roses, and plush orchids from Hawthorne Florist, and butterflies in multiple shades of pink.  The combo of the oasis on the bottom tier, two tiers of kake truffles consisting of two different flavors, and a wedding white flavored cake on the top tier gives the entire ensemble a full, beautiful look.

Picture from Chef Brothers Facebook Page.

Kala's sweetheart table at Cellar 12 had pink and sage decor including soft greenery, a mini tree stump, crystal candle holders, and an adorable "Mr. & Mrs." emblem.  This soft pink and sage table set up with Kala's kake truffle cake really summed up the Enchanted Forest theme for her big day.

Picture from Chef Brother's Facebook Page

And it is pictures like these that makes cakes a must-have for weddings.  The top tier's soft, whimsical scroll work with pink and sage ribbons around the base was the perfect touch on this special day.  And it looks like the couple enjoyed it!

Congratulations Kala and Mariah!  We wish you two a life together filled with love, laughter, and happiness :)

Picture by Out of Sight Photography

To get some more inspiration for an Enchanted Forest themed look for your special event, check out our Pinterest page :)

Or you can call us at (386) 518- 6878, visit us online on our website, or check us out on our Facebook Page for more information.  KB Kakes would be honored to be a small part of your big day!


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KB Kakes Wants to Wish You a Very Happy Thanksgiving

KB has had the pleasure of creating cakes for the Gainesville area since 2002.  It always makes her smile to see happy faces from her cakes.  Today we wanted to reflect on the past 11 years and say Thank You to All of KB Kakes' clients, past and present.  Without you we would not be here today.  We look forward to many more years of Creating Sweet Memories. :)


KB Kakes wishes you all  a Very Happy Thanksgiving.



Live your life with a thankful heart..we are so blessed!

KB SignatureErika Signature_final
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KB Kakes now carrying Macarons

[caption id="attachment_4090" align="aligncenter" width="717"]009 KB Kakes French Macarons

KB has been busy perfecting these little beauties.  They debuted at the Hilton's Vendor Mixer and I am now happy to announce to you that you can start placing orders with KB Kakes for French Macarons.  KB can create them in all different flavors.  Did you know that they are gluten free and made with different nut flours that KB makes from scratch? Some of the flavors available are almond and pistachio just to name a few.  When you bite into one it just melts in your mouth.  Macarons are a great gift for the Holidays or Dessert for any party, or just because.  Your mouth will dance with excitement once you taste one of KB Kakes' French Macarons.

You ask, where can I find these little gems?  Why at the Kakery, located at 13570 NW 101 Drive, Suite 400 in Alachua Florida.  They are right off of Highway 441. So, what are you waiting for give KB Kakes a call today (386) 518-6878

Here is a little history of the Macaron not Macaroon

The English word macaron is derived from the French macaron, which comes from the Italian maccherone, or “fine dough.” The macaron’s origin isn’t clear, but Catherine di Medici may have brought it to France from Italy as early as 1533. It wasn’t until the 1900s that Pierre Desfontaines of Parisian pastry shop and café Ladurée decided to take two cookies and fill them with ganache.

So with every bite of one of KB's macarons you can travel to Paris without leaving your seat.  Is your mouth watering yet? :)


Erika Signature_final

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Must Haves at Your Wedding (Lounges & Dessert Tables)

A hot trend this season is the "lounge." Having a lounge offers a great way for you and your guests to mingle away from the chaos of the dance floor and without having to go through the maze of all the tables. Not to mention, they are gorgeous! I am loving the idea of bringing inside furniture outside with colorful plush pillows and coffee tables so that guests can sit back and relax. Display your engagement photos and some photos of your friends and family; everyone will love it. Consider adding a photo booth or a special cocktail that both you and your hubby love!
LoungeCredits from left clockwise: Bridal Guide; Pinterest; The Knot; Pinterest; Platinum Touch; Charlotte Jarrett

Stay tuned for everything mini :)


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KB Kakes Supports Our Veterans

Monday, November 11, 2013

This Monday, KB Kakes asks you to take a moment to appreciate each and every man and woman who have  sacrificed their lives for the freedom of ours. It is easy to overlook or forget all of the things our veterans have and are still doing, but we all must remember that our country would not be the America that we all know and love without our veterans!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." - J.F. Kennedy

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